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Choosing a Bible can be a daunting task—and yet it's one of the most important purchases we'll ever make. To help you with your selection, we've assembled these informative guides. We hope you'll find them helpful. If you need more information or help please call one of our Product Specialists at (800) 922-3462, or email us at

About choosing a Bible

Bible Translations. The books that make up the Bible were written over a period of about 1500 years. The last book was completed about 1900 years ago. The different parts of the Bible were originally written in one of three languages: Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek. Since then, it's been translated into many different languages. English Bibles are available in just about every reading level and style. You may end up with more than one translation (it helps sometimes to compare), but it is important to begin with a translation that you can read and understand. For help picking out a translations, read About Bible Translations.

Some Bible Basics. As you read the Bible, you'll notice that it is divided into chapters and verses. These divisions were added to help readers locate a specific passage more easily. You'll also notice that the Bible is divided into two major parts—the Old Testament (also known as the Hebrew Bible) and the New Testament. The Old Testament books are the first section of the Christian Bible. The second section—the New Testament—records the story of the life, teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus, as well as the history and teachings of the early Christian church. The Bible is a compilation of books written by a number of different people for different reasons.

Take it personally. To fully appreciate the Bible, what you read must become relevant in your life. After you read a passage, pause for a moment and ask three simple questions:

  • Observation: What is this passage about?
  • Interpretation: What does it mean?
  • Application: How does it apply to my life?

If you find it difficult to see the relevance to your life, there are editions of the Bible designed to help you (like the Life Application Study Bible.) Research was done to find the most common questions people have at different stages of life. Bible scholars took these questions and linked them to passages in the Bible that give relevant answers.

Take Your Time. Let's face it, the Bible is a big book—often over 1,000 pages long. People who plan to read through the whole Bible start with Genesis and often get bogged down somewhere in Numbers. There are editions or the Bible designed to take you through the Bible on a regular basis (often in one year—or on your own schedule). Take a look at our selection of Daily Reading Bibles to help you work through the Bible.

Don't Go It Alone.After reading the Bible you may find certain passages that seem to have several layers of meaning. This is one reason the Bible can be read over and over again with new insights at each reading. If you have not already done so, you will benefit by finding a church or Bible study group to help you find answers for your questions and discuss how the Bible applies to your life today. Check out our resources for Bible studies for groups and individuals.

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